Why Invest in Costa Rica?

Living in Costa Rica offers a dozens of compelling reasons, making it a unique and attractive destination for retirees and expatriates. Here are some key factors contributing to the allure of Costa Rica:

  1. Peace and Stability: Often referred to as the Switzerland of Latin America, Costa Rica boasts a long history of political neutrality, peaceful democracy, and stunning mountainous landscapes. With a history of over 100 years of democracy and the absence of a military since 1949, Costa Rica is known for its stability.

  2. Cost of Living: Costa Rica provides an affordable cost of living, making it one of the most budget-friendly destinations in the Americas. A retired couple can live comfortably for $2,000 per month, and even more affluent living is achievable at around $2,500 per month. Utilities are up to 30% cheaper than in the US and Europe.

  3. Lifestyle (Pura Vida): The local expression "Pura Vida" encapsulates the lifestyle in Costa Rica, emphasizing a pure and relaxed way of living. The country offers a laid-back pace, and there are ample activities for those seeking a healthy and active lifestyle, from surfing and hiking to bird watching and zip-line tours.

  4. State of the Art Infrastructure: The Liberia International Airport, located 20 minutes from Pacific beaches like Playa Panama, Playa Hermosa, and the Papagayo region, ensures convenient access to and from the country.

  5. Affordable Healthcare: Costa Rica provides cost-effective healthcare, attracting medical tourists with world-class medical facilities. Public healthcare is readily available, and private hospitals, such as CIMA Hospital, offer services from specialist doctors who have studied abroad.

  6. Climate: The year-round warm weather is a major draw, with the central valley experiencing moderate temperatures, and the coastal climates providing warm, sunny days at the beach. There are only two seasons: dry season (November through April) and rainy season (May through October).

  7. Natural Beauty: Costa Rica stands out as one of the most naturally beautiful countries globally, with mountains, rainforests, volcanoes, pristine beaches, rivers, and coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Despite its small landmass, Costa Rica is home to 5% of the world's biodiversity.

  8. Sustainability: Costa Rica is eco-minded, with a significant portion of its power coming from hydroelectric sources. The government has ambitious plans to become the world's first carbon-neutral country by 2024. About 25% of the country's landmass is protected by reserves and national parks.

  9. Low Taxes: The country offers low tax rates, with no income tax on earnings outside the country and no capital gains tax. Property taxes are extremely low at only 0.25% of the recorded property value.

  10. Business Opportunities: There are various investment opportunities in Costa Rica, with rising real estate values, a growing international trade sector, and a thriving tourism industry. Retirees can explore small business ventures, providing income and additional jobs for the local workforce.

  11. Comfort Factor: Costa Rica hosts a significant number of Americans per capita, creating a sense of community for expatriates. It's only a short flight from the US, making it easily accessible. English-language channels, internet access, and familiar stores and services enhance the comfort factor.

  12. Business Opportunities: Entrepreneurs of all ages can find numerous business opportunities in Costa Rica, especially in areas like tourism, hospitality, and services. New immigation incentives. 

  13. Friendly People: Costa Ricans are known for their friendliness, creating a welcoming atmosphere for expatriates. The country has a tightly-knit large expatriate community.

  14. Quality of Life: Costa Rica offers an excellent quality of life, with good communications, high-speed internet, and a wide range of activities to keep residents busy and happy.

  15. Public Transportation: The country provides affordable and efficient public transportation, contributing to the overall convenience for residents.

In summary, Costa Rica offers a unique blend of natural beauty, a relaxed lifestyle, affordability, and a welcoming community, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking a tropical retirement paradise.

More so in our direct area of Guanacaste. Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa, Playa Panama, Playa Ocotal, Playa Matapalo

1.  Liberia International Airport - Only 25 -35 minutes from the airport to Playas del Coco, Playal Hermosa and Playa Panama. This is key especialy if you own a condo or home that you are renting out while not using your property as requesting vacation rental properties prefer rentals closer to the airport.

2.  We have the best roads in Guanacaste, least amount of rain, the most sunshine, the best variety for grocery shopping, 6 large grocery stores in Playas del Coco, over 50 restaurants, banks, pharmacies, medical centers, fiber optic internet, Pricesmart (North America Costco), best proximity for area tour locations as ziplines, hot springs etc. Furniture centers, butcher shop, bakery, craft beer in Solarium across from Liberia airport.

3. Safe riptide free beaches for swimming and watersports for families and seniors. 

4. Medical Services - Playas del Coco has a state of the art medical & dental center and only 45 minutes to Liberia Hospital and a private hospital, San Rafael Arcángel Hospital in Liberia



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