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Costa Rica's commitment to education and the variety of school options in the Playa del Coco/Hermosa area make it an attractive destination for families.

Here's a summary of the key points about education in Costa Rica, particularly in the Guanacaste region:

Public Education:

The country has a strong emphasis on education, with the entire budget formerly allocated to the military redirected towards education after the military's dissolution in 1949.

UNESCO recognizes Costa Rica as a country free of illiteracy.

Public education is available to all children between the ages of 4 and 17, irrespective of their nationality. This is in line with Costa Rica's commitment to providing equal opportunities for all.

Private Schools:

Dolphins Academy:

Founded in 1993, it follows the Montessori method, emphasizing self-directed activity and hands-on learning.

Offers education from preschool to high school.

Sea Wonders Academy:

Established in 2008, it focuses on personalized bilingual education.

A family-style educational community offering programs from preschool to 6th grade.

Lakeside International School:

Founded in 2009, situated on a 200-acre aquaculture farm.

The campus features a dry tropical forest and offers programs in both English and Spanish, from preschool to high school.

La Paz Tempisque:

Opened in 2021, it emphasizes experiential and hands-on learning.

Adheres to International Baccalaureate, US, and Costa Rican standards, offering education from early childhood to 12th grade.

Teocali Academy:

Established in 1982, located in Liberia with a 6-hectare property.

Offers an English program alongside Spanish, and it is accredited by the International Baccalaureate.

Colegio Santa Ana:

Operating since 1957, directed by the Congregation of Sisters of Charity of Santa Ana.

Focuses on values, transformative education, and offers comprehensive training from kindergarten to 11th grade.

Colegio Bilingüe Ciudad Blanca:

Founded in 1977, located in Liberia.

Emphasizes Christian values and academic foundations, providing a high-quality curriculum from preschool to high school.

Public Schools in the Area:

There are several public schools in the Playa del Coco/Hermosa area, offering education from kindergarten to high school. Examples include Escuela El Coco, Colegio Playas del Coco, Escuela Playa Hermosa, Escuela Bernardo Gutierrez, Colegio Técnico Profesional Sardinal, and Escuela Artola.

Language Education:

Public schools offer an opportunity for children to immerse themselves in Costa Rican culture, make friends, and learn Spanish.

Private schools may provide bilingual programs or options for English-language education.

Costa Rica's education system reflects its commitment to providing quality education for all, making it an appealing destination for families seeking a well-rounded and enriching educational experience for their children.

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