Top Businesses to Start in Costa Rica

We polled 20 people for our little list of business opportunities in the Papagayo region of Costa Rica, and here are the results. Now, this is not Chris or mine list just thoughts from people living here.

  1. Healthy Fast Food/Salad Bar
  2. Food Delivery Service
  3. Beach Front Bar & Restaurant with Air Conditioning
  4. Smoked Meat Delicatessen/Prepared Salads /Butcher
  5. French Bakery and Pastry Shop
  6. Traveling Food Truck
  7. Beach Club in Coco Open to Public with Adults only section
  8. Home Inspection Company
  9. Repair, Maintenance and Remodel Company
  10. Pet Sitting Service
  11. Property Staging Company
  12. Shopping Service
  13. Official Translator that is fluent in both English and Spanish.
  14. Appliance Repair Service
  15. A/C Repair
  16. Boat Mechanic
  17. Senior Care Giver (in Home)
  18. Wedding Planner
  19. Online-based businesses:
    • App Development
    • Online contract work where companies allow you to work from home
    • Specialized Call Centers
    • SEO
    • Web Design
  20. Plumbers
  21. Chiropractors
  22. Picture Framing Service
  23. Home Security Systems Installation and Maintenance Service
  24. Electrician
  25. Landscaping Design and Maintenance Service
  26. Car Mechanic
  27. Home Audio Theatre Installation Service
  28. Large Photo Copy Service (for architectural plans, etc.)
  29. Fabric and Crafts Store
  30. Office Supply Store with a good selection
  31. Golf Cart Rentals and Repairs
  32. Higher quality Jewelry Store.
  33. Bicycle and Scooter Rentals for kayaks, beach stuff, etc. that deliver them to your vacation rental prior to your arrival and then pick them up after you leave.
  34. Garden and Home Center with reasonably priced items to outfit your home or condo.
  35. Car Detailing and Waxing Service
  36. Exterior Window Washing especially for 2 and 3 story Homes and Condos
  37. Maid and Cleaning Service with staff that can be hired for individual jobs. Fully Insured.
  38. Guided Bicycle Tours for Mountain & Road
  39. Sporting Goods Store
  40. Clay Tennis Courts


Ideas submitted by Tres Amigos Realty Agents and staff

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