Costa Rica sets new records for tourists visiting.


It's great to hear that Costa Rica has experienced a significant increase in tourism, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. The statistics indicate a remarkable recovery for the country's tourist industry, showcasing resilience and successful efforts to attract visitors. The increase of more than 121,000 tourists visiting Costa Rica by air in 2023 compared to the previous year's figure of 2,350,000 visitors is a substantial growth in the tourism sector.The fact that the United States remains the leading nationality in terms of visitors is noteworthy, with over 58% of the total number of tourists coming from the U.S. This suggests the effectiveness of Costa Rica's marketing strategies and the country's appeal to American travelers.The increased number of Canadian tourists, with over 71,000 more visitors compared to the previous year, also highlights the broadening international appeal of Costa Rica. The efforts to attract European tourists, particularly from France and Germany, have proven successful, contributing to the overall growth in the tourism sector.The participation in adventure tourism fairs in the United States and Canada is a proactive step to further boost tourism. These events provide an excellent platform to showcase Costa Rica's offerings and attract more visitors interested in adventure experiences.It's encouraging to see how the tourism industry has rebounded, and the ongoing efforts by the Tourism Institute, including international advertising campaigns and participation in events, will likely continue to contribute to the positive trend in Costa Rica's tourism sector. I know I have seen more and more tourists on the beaches in Playa Hermosa, Playas del Coco and Playa Panama than past years. The Liberia International Airport hosts well over 25 flights a day and I have seen as many as 57 arrivals on the weekend inclding private planes.

The search for homes, condos and lots buy visitors from the USA & Canada continue at a fast pace pointing to another record year in real estate sales.

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