Real Estate in Papagayo Costa Rica


Those seeking a luxury home location where development is carefully controlled and in harmony with the environment are buying real estate in Papagayo Costa Rica.

Papagayo has become synonymous with the Four Seasons Resort, the Planet Hollywood Hotel,  Secrets, Hyatt Andaz and El Mangroove. These hotels are just part of a larger development project taking place in the breath taking Papagayo region.

In reality, Papagayo actually refers to the 'Golfo de Papagayo' (Papagayo Gulf), a body of water that stretches from Playa Ocotal in the South, to the Peninsula Santa Elena in the North which is part of the Santa Rosa National Park. The Gulf contains one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in Costa Rica.

The 'Papagayo Project' specifically, is the region from Playa Panama, Panama and around the Culebra Bay to the Peninsula de Papagayo. You may also see signs referring to the 'Polo Turístico Golfo de Papagayo', tourist pole of the Papagayo Gulf. This is where development is taking place to build resort hotels (all-inclusive mainly) and rental or private villas. With the Four Seasons and Occidental Hotels groups leading the way, other property developers have been encouraged to bring their wealth to this region.  The Mandrian Oriental and Sol Melia have both announced plans to begin construction this year. With the Liberia International $35 million dollar expansion, the addition of the CIMA Hospita and the Clinica Biblica Hospital, medical tourism is on the brink of exploding in this direct area.

 Unlike over-built up beach resort areas like Cancun, Acapulco and Conzumel in Mexico, developers of the Papagayo Project are working hand in hand with the Costa Rican government to make sure that development occurs in such a way as to cause the least impact on the environment. Ensuring that the very reason for visiting this beautiful area is protected and nurtured as much as possible. Careful planning in which nature and luxury resorts can coexist is perhaps the main attraction of Papagayo, Costa Rica. 

All eyes are directed at the Papagayo Region including the largest Real Estate Board in Costa Rica, CCCBR who have established a Papagayo Regional Office at the Hacienda Del Mar - Remax Prestige Ocean Properties Sales Center in Playa Panama. With well over 550 members they too see the growth potential of the area and can now offer San Jose realtors qualified realtor referral options on area properties.

I have sailed the waters of the Gulf of Papagayo for over 20 years, exploring Costa Rica's natural beauty by sea and this is truly one of the most incredible areas I have ever seen.


Sunset over the Gulf of Papagayo in Costa Rica   


Sunset over the Gulf of Papagayo in Costa Rica


Hacienda Del Mar Development in Playa Panama, Papagayo.  

Hillside view of the Gulf of Papagayo Costa Rica


Aerial view of the Papagayo Peninsula  


View from the east toward Papagayo Peninsula


        View of Papagayo from the Remax office


Views from the Remax Prestige Ocean Properties Sales Office



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20 photos
Papagayo Resort Site 136 hectare (338 acre) Ocean Views
$28,000,000 Commercial
7 photos
Hacienda Club Palmilla
ll1800303 $9,000,000 577,607 sq. m. Lots and Land 5
59 photos
Villa Durazno, Lot V4, Vistas del Pacifico, Playa Panama, Costa Rica
vdpV4 $4,950,000 12,000 sq. ft."Total Construction Square Footage" Residential 7
25 photos
Hacienda Del Mar Ocean View Development Parcel 4
$1,900,000 Commercial
25 photos
Hacienda Del Mar Development Parcel 10
$1,860,000 Commercial
20 photos
Hacienda Del Mar Development Parcel 25
$1,600,000 Commercial
99 photos
Papagayo Luxurious Retreat
$1,495,000 11,500 sq. ft. Residential 10
28 photos
Casa La Joya Bella, Vistas del Pacifico
$1,490,000 4,500 sq. ft. Residential 4
22 photos
Hacienda Del Mar Development Parcels 13 & 14
$1,440,000 Commercial
55 photos
Villa Avalone, Suite Playa Panama
$1,400,000 10,000 sq. ft. Residential 5
3 photos
Eco Farm Close to Liberia Airport
$1,284,000 Lots and Land
36 photos
Hacienda Del Mar Commercial Parcel 23
$990,000 Commercial
10 photos
Peninsula De Papagayo Project
$850,000 Lots and Land
23 photos
Hacienda Del Mar Development Parcel 21
$780,000 Commercial
24 photos
Villa Las Brisas Vistas del Pacifico
$749,000 4,000 sq. ft. Residential 4
24 photos
Casa Oso Grande Vistas del Pacifico
vdpA9 $749,000 2,600 sq. ft. Residential 3
24 photos
Villa Las Brisas
$749,000 4,000 sq. ft. Residential 4
24 photos
Hacienda Del Mar Development Parcel 18
$649,000 Commercial
27 photos
Hacienda Del Mar Development Parcels 11 & 12
$600,000 Commercial
38 photos
24 Vista Estates
$595,000 4,100 sq. ft."Mini Split A/c Every Room" Residential 4 Caretakers Appartment
30 photos
Bay Point Unit 7 Open Pacific Ocean Views
$575,000 2,450 sq. ft. Condominium 3
32 photos
Villa Cuervo Vistas del Pacifico
$549,000 Residential 3
44 photos
3 Vista Del Pacifico Custom Home
$524,000 2,600 sq. ft. Residential 3 en suite baths for each bedrrom
37 photos
Bay Point Ocean View Condo 3 Bed Unit 9 50% Owner Financing
$485,000 2,450 sq. ft. Condominium 3
34 photos
Hacienda Del Mar Condo/Villa Parcel, Suite 35
$480,000 Commercial
18 photos
Casa del Papagayo
$479,000 2,100 sq. ft. Residential 2
21 photos
Bay Point 6
$449,000 2,450 sq. ft. Condominium 3
17 photos
Hacienda Del Mar Home or Condo parcel, Lot 15
$448,000 Lots and Land
27 photos
21 Vista Del Pacifico, Suite Villa Verde
$319,000 2,300 sq. ft. Residential 3
22 photos
Villa Verde
$319,000 2,500 sq. ft. Residential 3
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